Recursion (Part 0)


Recursion 0 Picture by Dean Summers

I dreamed about you last night.

About a silence so loud I thought my ears would burst like a body under miles of water splitting apart from the pressure. Silence being such a heavy thing. My heart was beating painfully through my ears, yelling and reaching and falling short.

You were reaching out to my feet, I remember in detail their trembling. You wanted to touch them so badly that I could see the desire consuming you but you shook with fear, a curious deep fear as I hovered between a now we were rejecting-would always reject, and a then that we couldn’t possibly understand.

The wind, already so strong it turned my golden locks to whips and threatened to rip my skin from my bones, was picking up and you were crying, tears being whisked away forcefully from your pinkened cheeks, and I was numb…

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